Web Design

I produce effective, good looking and well designed web sites.

I build them with care, and without fuss, for a fair and reasonable fee.

Starter Sites

If you are looking for a professional web site, but do not have a huge budget, don't worry. I can create an affordable solution for you. You don't need to spend a fortune to look good on the web.

Full Sites

If the design of your site will be critical to the success of your business, call me. I can provide a first class site design that will get your products or services in front of your potential customers.


Typically, more than half of all web site views will be by users of mobile smart phones or tablets. I can build your site in a responsive format, to ensure it looks good across all viewing devices.

Self Edit

All my sites allow you to update content yourself - if you wish to. So, you can keep your site up to date without having to pay extra for changes. If you'd rather leave the updates to me, you can. You're in control.

How much does it cost?

Becuase web sites vary so much depending on the size and complexity of each page, it is not easy to quote without discussing your site first. But as a good guide I recommend that you allow around £150 per page - that includes design, construction, writing of text (or editing yours), image preparation and online testing so you can approve it before launch.

So, a simple single page site can be finished and online for £150.

A typical 4 page site would be around £600, a typical 6 page site around £900.

I will always try to work to your budget while allowing myself the appropriate amount of hours to get your site looking right, and capable of making a profitable return on your investment.

All web sites I build, regardless of size, are sold with my excellent hosting package. This costs £180 per year and is renewable annually for as long as you keep your site with me.

The hosting package includes complimentary domain name purchase and hosting (if required), complimentary email (if required), reliable 24/7 web hosting, secure access to the online editing system, installation of google analytics (if required) and my techincal support for the year.

01603 300370

"Our increase in sales is attributable to the new web site, without question."

Tank Replacement Services

"The web site has paid for itself many times over. It's made life so much easier."

NR7 Sprowston and Thorpe Directories

"Simple, modern, perfect. Thanks Mark."

Norfolk Arsenal Supporters Club

A few examples of my web design work . . .

Responsive site designed for K2 Collections, which generates sales from across the UK and also from overseas.

See live site

Responsive site designed and built for Wherry Dragon Credit Union, promoting their financial services.

See live site

Responsive site designed for TRS, East Anglia's premier suppliers and installers of commercial and domestic oil tanks.

See live site

Fixed site designed for Chameleon Cleaning, our region's leading specialist cleaners and leather care services.

See live site

Brochure-style fixed site for Whiterails Livery promoting their high quality stable, riding and livery services.

See live site

Fixed site for Draper & Nichols to promote their building services and portfolio with client controlled gallery.

See live site

Fixed site for NR7 Directories promoting their magazines in Thorpe, Sprowston and Taverham.

See live site

Responsive site for Norfolk Arsenal Supporters Club to attract new membership enquiries and share news.

See live site

Simple responsive single page for Richard Roos Building & Maintenence Services, Norfolk.

See live site

Fixed page site for the Village Book business directory, which generates sales to new business advertisers in Norfolk.

See live site

Responsive site for Whittaker Carpets to promote their traditional carpet sales and fitting service.

See live site

Fixed site designed for owners of Peugeot 304 classic cars in the UK, listing surviving vehicles, histories and valuations.

See live site

Responsive site for Historic Carpet Care, promoting highy specialised cleaning and storage of historic carpets and rugs.

See live site

Simple, low cost responsive site that generates very good sales for driveway and patio cleaning in Norfolk.

See live site

Single responsive page promoting PDM Groundworks and Construction services, Norfolk.

See live site

Responsive site for Carole Bullinger promoting aquatherapy, life therapy and personal training services.

See live site

Fixed page site for Upthinkers business and personal development, regularly updated by the client.

See live site

Simple and attractive fixed page site promoting excellent value bookkeeping services to shrewd businesses.

See live site

Fixed page brochure style site for Keep It Clean, Norwich, specialists in cleaning office IT equipment.

See live site

Fixed page site for the Wroxham and Colitishall Book generating new business from potential advertisers.

See live site

Responsive or fixed - what's right for you?

Responsive sites are in vogue. Page content is dynamic - pictures and text shuffle around and resposition themselves depending on the screen size of the device being used to view the site. So, a responsive site will look different depending on whether it is being seen on a mobile smart phone, tablet, lap top or desktop computer. Responsive sites might be best for you if you're looking for a modern 'on-trend' site that gives the best user experience for people using small screens like smart phones.

Fixed page sites don't shuffle about. Content on each page remains in the same place. The advantage is that you have more certainty over how each page looks, and the editing system (which you can use to make changes) is really simple to use. Fixed page sites come with a mobile version, enabling smartphone users to see a small screen, mobile-freindly version of your site. Although somewhat out of fashion now, you may still prefer a fixed site if control of layout and ease of updating are your most important considerations.

I generally recommend responsive sites but I can build both, at the same cost, and will be very happy to discuss which method is best for you.


Your site will look good, be informative and generate the response you need to make it worth the money you spend on it. You'll be able to test and approve your site online before it goes live.


If you want me to, I can purchase and manage your web site domain name (www.yourbusiness.co.uk) and provide email facilities. If you prefer to arrange that yourself, that's fine too.


Once your site is live, I will not abandon you. You can make changes yourself, but if you prefer me to do it that's fine. It is rare for post-launch hiccups to arise, but if they do I'll be there to help.


Everyone's web site budget is different, from a few hundred to a few thousand. So I always agree a budget with you based on your needs. I will only ever charge you what we have agreed.

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